To someone very close to my heart …

Many days have passed, since I am with you.
Many moments we witnessed together.
In shadows I have been walking with you.
Many roads we traveled together.

But you may not know of your companion. 
Because I was unseen to you, behind of you
I see your walk; I listen to your opinion
But I might not suggest any turns to you.

I wish to company you, through all paths
I wish to stay with you till the end of this road
Only if you spare me a place deep in your heart
Only if you help me clear my some fold.

I wish to walk in silence with you
Because sound of this silence is sweet
I wish to enjoy wonderful moments with you
To be lost in that magic and to play hide and seek.

I will never say a word while being with you
I will not let you know, how close I am to you
I will hold your hand in dark and watch for path with you
I will carry you through and take care of you

But I will never say a word while I do so
To listen the voice of your heart, to know your wish
Only if you keep me within yourself, and never let go
Only if you carry burden of my soul, my some wish

Let me walk with you, and enjoy some moments
Moments I find wonderful and want to lost in them
I want to hear even echoes, echoing in those moments
And I will never say a word, while I feel magic of them.

– Aditya


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