How do people make it through life without a sister?

It was 3pm on 1st May 2014 and I was about to leave my house to catch a train for Delhi from where I have to fly to Frankfurt, Germany for 3 months of Summer Internship. My younger sister was standing sad, she was always angry with me for not spending much time at home, but this time her eyes were wet. She came and gave me a greeting which she made herself  titled “All for one and one for all”  with an awesome family picture in the center and a poem that she has written for me titled “Bhaiya”. Here it goes –

Some one who is brought up always hearing “Kitna naak me dum karta hai ye ladka”
Some one who had been a “Cricket ka deewana..”, “Chidooka”, “Khoon jalau”
and is today the most “Chill dude..padhaku..and layak ladka..”.

Time from Papa ka tujhse naaaraz rehna has changed to Papa ka tujhpe naaz karna.
Time from Mummy ka tujhse pareshaan rehna has changed to Maa ka tere liye Pareshan rehna.
Time from Apna aam ras khane ke liye ladna has changed to tera ghar naa aane ke kaaran ladna.
Time from dance on Pairoo mein bandhan hai has changed to Dance by me kyunki tu aane wala hai !
Time from tujhe maar kar rona has changed to tera college jaate time rona.
Time from Colony ke  har ghar mein tujhe dhundna has changed to tera foreign jaana.
Time from tera meri tarif se jalna has changed tera meri itni fikra karna.
Time from IIT ke pehele saari parties sacrifice karna has changed to ab koi parties miss na karna.
Time from papa ka tujhe bolna ki dekh apni behen ko has changed to papa ka mujhe bolna ki dekh bhaiya ko.

College se tere aane ka surprise…
Maa se har exciting baat ko chupana..
Hamare phone kabhi time par naa uthana
and  Papa ko hamesha kehna..aap tension mat lo..mein hoon na
has made u papa-maa ki aankhon ka taara and mera sabse pyaara.

Love you bhai !

For me this is Love.





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